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City leaders are visit to Industrial Park

AddTime:2016-10-25     HitNum:2436

Chengde Municipal Party Secretary Zhongming Zhou, Mayor of Chengde city Lihong Chang, City Council leaders and more than 300 people visited and observed our company's Zeolite New Material Industrial Park in Weichang county, Chengde City on 27 June, 2016.


Our chairman Mr. Yanpeng Liu detailed introduced the development of the company, and emphatically to all of leadership comprehensive introduced the key project of Chengde City: production of the Zeolite and Environmental Protection New Mterial Industrial Park.  At the same time, it also presented high-end products from zeolite environmental protection new materials in various fields, which are produced by our company.

In order to make sure this activity can be organised, company members were prepared carefully and responsibly.