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Guotoushengshi National public welfare activity

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"We need your strength to build a healthy country.” Guotoushengshi National public welfare activity.

On the occasion of Chinese National Holiday is approaching, Guotoushengshi all employees wish our great motherland social stability and harmony, people happiness and health, economic development rapidly. The 67 birthday of motherland, Guotoushengshi bring ‘Pure Mulan’ Green Building Material as a special gift for motherland.


‘Pure Mulan’ Green Building Material produced by high-grade natural zeolite with the adhesive extract from the plant, with the process of the advanced and new technology. The product has the features of zero formaldehyde, breathing, strong purification, natural oxygen and etc., and it has been authenticated by professional institutes from Chinese domestic and international that ‘Pure Mulan’ is non-toxic harmless, safe and reliable new green interior wall material.


The zeolite interior wall material is identified a luxury product in Europe, Japan and South Korea. Guotoushengshi can launch such healthy, high-end products into the Chinese market, which can make all Chinese use non-toxic, safe and healthy zeolite green building material. This is the spirit of patriotism.


"We need your strength to build a healthy country.” WeChat public welfare activities are ongoing. Follow Guotoushengshi WeChat official subscription account, click on the "Commonweal. China need your strength! “Comment on the bottom of the article to send your wishes to our country. Each message states that Guotoushengshi will donate 1 square meters of soil remediation agent!


Love our motherland, love every inch of land!


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