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The company gathered a number of domestic and foreign scientific research institutes, tertiary institutions a number of scientific research experts.

 In 1990s, a lot of countries such as Japan, the Soviet Union and other counties have added natural zeolite to livestock feed to improve the growth rate and disease resistance.
         A pig farm in Japan fed pigs the feed with 5% zeolite additives, which increased the daily gain by 26% to 29% and significantly reduced the chance for pigs suffering from stomach problems, lung disease and heart disease. Adding ground natural zeolite powder into the animal feed can promote livestock metabolism, improve digestion, accelerate growth, enhance physical fitness, reduce disease and feed cost.
        The experiment shows that the weight of the 2-month-old pig having 5% zeolite powder additive feed increased by 18.3% more than those having ordinary feed after 60 days’ feeding. It shows that the daily egg rate of layer can be increased by 17% by eating the 3% zeolite powder additive feed, and the feed consumption can be reduced by 9% for 1 KG of eggs.
Product Features:
● zeolite contains a variety of major elements and trace elements, which can improve animal’s enzyme activity, enhance feed digestion and adsorption rate.
● Adsorb harmful matters, fungi in the animal, inhibit pathogenic activity, kill parasite eggs, improve animal’s immunity to toxic and disease, resistance to hypoxia, release beneficial elements, increase survival rate and growth performance.
● Reduce the feed cost,  improve deodorant, moisture proof and mold proof for feed in transportation and storage, and increase feed quality and shelf life.
● Reduce the discharge of ammonia and nitrogen, adsorb the poisonous and harmful gas in stable and coops to remove its odor, smell, and improve the breeding environment.

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 Feed additives  Feed additives  Feed additives  Feed additives
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Use zeolite as a feed additive
The National Order No.2 mentions to add 5.0% (150 mesh) clinoptilolite powder to the grass carp feed, which can improve the survival rate of grass carp by 14.0%, increase relative growth rate by 10.8%, reduce feed coefficient by 0.28 and increase grass carp protease activity by 27.0%, while the liver and pancreas protease activity will not be affected. No adverse effects shows on the blood urea nitrogen (BUN), alanine aminotransferase (GBT), creatinine (CR), cholesterol (CH) and total triglyceride (TG) and other biochemical markers and grass carp flesh quality.